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Do you need professional consultants to help you properly design your drive system? Are you looking for experts who understand and can develop what your production processes need? Then we're here to help.

Our technical sales experts know your sectors and applications inside and out and provide personal assistance – from choosing the right components to conceiving your drive solution.

But if you're interested in one of the ready-made solutions from our portfolio, we would be happy to help you design your drive technology using standardized requirements. Or even if you want to design an entirely new system or upgrade an existing one and you need comprehensive support to create a system solution, you're still at the right place.

Our qualified experts are committed to your solution and are ready to work with you to co-engineer your application. You can find a wide range of offers among the consulting services for our MAXOLUTION® system solutions or among our solutions for industrial gear units for heavy industry.

We can also work with you to develop energy-efficient concepts for your systems and machines to considerably reduce your energy costs while also helping to protect the environment. And last but not least, our machine safety experts stand ready with the right expertise at every step of creating your system.

Your benefits

  • Standardized safety

    By designing your drive technology according to the latest standards and guidelines.
  • Fewer faults

    Thanks to our experienced application specialists who know your sectors inside and out.
  • Long-term viability

    Through close co-engineering in which we help you determine what your solution should look like in a few years.

Engineering consulting for ready-made solutions

Do you want to use a ready-made solution without foregoing qualified consulting? The basis of every one of our ready-made application solutions from our MAXOLUTION® portfolio are packages that have been specifically developed for their sector and have proven themselves time and again in the everyday practice of our customers. We take this and work with you to develop solutions that are tailored to the characteristics of your application and system.

We're also happy to support you in designing your drive technology according to the new standardized regulations. And if you want to develop new, energy-efficient concepts for your production, we're ready to help by providing the right package solutions.

Learn more about our consulting for ready-made solutions for MAXOLUTION®.

Engineering consulting for custom solutions

Are you looking specifically for one-stop system solutions to complete your system? Do you not want to have to deal with a horde of suppliers for the components you need? Then our MAXOLUTION® system solution project managers are right for you. We combine innovative technologies with years of application experience and the sector knowledge needed to do the job right.

Our experts organize everything, from planning and dimensioning to startup and production support. Your projects get finished without risk, as soon as possible and for as little as possible.

Learn more about our comprehensive consulting services for planning custom system solutions under MAXOLUTION®.

Engineering consulting for industrial gear unit solutions

When equipment manufacturers in heavy industry ask about industrial gear units, most of the time a custom solution is needed due to typically complex requirements. At SEW-EURODRIVE, experienced application specialists are available to provide you with assistance, from order-specific engineering for your drive solution to system integration.

Wherever you're planning and building your systems, we're there for you with our expertise – even internationally.

Learn more about our global network of consultants for industrial gear unit drive solutions.

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