Privacy Policy

SEW USOCOME respects your privacy and undertakes to ensure that your personal data is collected and processed in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and with the French Data Protection and Civil Liberties Law.

This privacy policy explains how SEW USOCOME uses your personal data when you visit our website and/or interact with us. It is important for you to read this document in order to fully understand why and how we use your data.

You will also find a description of your right to protect your privacy and of how the law protects you.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to exercise your right to protect your personal data, please contact the data protection officer at SEW USOCOME:

B. P. 20185
48-54 route de Soufflenheim
67506 Haguenau Cedex

SEW USOCOME, 48-54 Route de Soufflenheim, 67506 Haguenau Cedex, France, registered with the Trade and Companies Register of Strasbourg under number 421 863 259, telephone number +33 3 88 73 67 00, is the designated Data Controller in accordance with Article 4, Paragraph 7 of the GDPR.

I. Definition of personal data

II. Information relating to personal data protection on the website

III. Information relating to the personal data protection of SEW USOCOME prospects and customers

IV. Information relating to the personal data protection of SEW USOCOME job applicants

V. Your rights as a data subject

VI. Data security and storage time

I. Definition of personal data

Personal data is defined as all information that relates to an identified natural person or to a natural person who can be directly or indirectly identified by reference to an identification number or one or more pieces of information specifically pertaining to that person. This includes, for example, your name, your business contact details, your phone number or e-mail address and relationship to a company, and your activities with us.

We collect a variety of information concerning our employees, customers and visitors to the website This personal data is divided into different categories:

  • Identity Data includes the title, first name, last name, company and job position.
  • Contact Information includes the e-mail address and phone numbers.
  • Technical Data includes your IP address, connection data, browser type and version, time zone setting, location, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system and platform and other technologies on the devices you use to access this website.
  • Usage Data includes information about how you use our website and services.
  • Tracking Data includes information that we collect or that any other person collects about you, using cookies and similar tracking technologies, such as web beacons or mobile identification transmitters.

II. Information relating to personal data protection on the website

1. Data processing – Offers on our website

When you visit our website, information of a general nature is collected automatically. This information (server log files) includes the type of web browser, the operating system used, the domain name of your internet service provider and your IP address. This information is required in order to correctly provide you with the requested website pages. The log file data is immediately anonymized or deleted by us.

If you use any services offered on our website, we may collect further personal data in order to provide those services. We process this data to the extent necessary for each service.

Your data will be kept confidential and deleted in accordance with applicable legal requirements (see VI “Data security and storage time” below).

If you send us an inquiry by e-mail, we collect the personal data you provide for processing your inquiry and fulfill your requests, if applicable.

Without your prior consent, there will be no further processing of your data by us or any other company, with the exception of the use as described below, unless otherwise required by law.

2. Use of cookies

Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your end device and that are saved by your browser. We use temporary (session) cookies, which are automatically deleted once you close your browser, as well as persistent (permanent) cookies.

Cookies are used to:

  • make our offerings more user-friendly, effective and secure
  • display the website
  • continuously improve our website for optimal use.

The information collected with cookies is mainly used for statistical purposes (for more details, see sections 3 and 4 below).

You may accept or reject the use of cookies. Change your browser settings to do so. You have the choice to select whether you accept all cookies, disable all cookies or whether you will be informed when cookies are stored. If you disable all cookies, you may not be able to use all website functions.

3. Creation of usage statistics by etracker

We use etracker to analyze the usage data of the website. etracker uses cookies for the statistical analysis of the use of the website by visitors, and to display targeted content and advertising.

The cookies used by etracker do not contain information that could be used to identify a user; data such as the IP address and the login or device information is anonymized or pseudonymized as quickly as possible. There is no other use, combination with other data held by etracker or transfer to third parties.

The data is collected to optimize the website and our online presence, and to provide you with more interesting offerings based on the statistics generated by etracker. etracker is GDPR certified by an independent organization and has obtained the ePrivacyseal personal data protection quality seal.

You may object to the above personal data processing at any time, by clicking here
Your Opt-out from etracker tracking was successful!

For more information on the personal data protection offered by etracker: Privacy Statement.

4. Creation of usage statistics by SEW-EURODRIVE

We also use an internally-developed statistical tool to analyze and improve our website on an ongoing basis. This means we can improve what our website offers and adapt it to best meet your needs.

When you register on our website (create an account), you can indicate the name of the company for which you work. If your company already exists on our website, your user account is linked to your company’s customer account in the CRM system. If our website doesn’t have information about your company or an account doesn’t exist for it yet, your user account won’t be linked to any customer account.

a. User not linked to a customer account

If you are not logged in (anonymous user) or if you are logged in but not linked to a CRM customer account, your usage statistics are anonymized (truncated IP addresses) and cannot be used to identify you.

b. User linked to a customer account

If you are logged in AND you are linked to a CRM customer account, your usage statistics are collected, but they are linked to the customer account, not to you. Therefore, they cannot be used to identify you.

For processing purposes, cookies (for more information, see section 2 above) are saved on your end device. The information collected through cookies is saved exclusively on our server in Germany, at the parent company of SEW USOCOME.

To prevent tracking of the company, which generates general statistics, simply turn it off by clicking here
Your opt-out from SEW-EURODRIVE tracking was successful!

5. Customer and Online Support

Your Online Support account enables you to interact with us further. By registering, you gain access to a wide range of functions and services provided by SEW­USOCOME. The personal data collected is required for the various functions offered, for example, online inquiries, order tracking, troubleshooting, etc.

6. Embedded external services

a. YouTube

Our website features embedded YouTube videos. You can play these videos directly on our website. They are embedded using YouTube’s Privacy-Enhanced Mode, which means that no data concerning you is sent to YouTube as long as you don’t play any videos. When videos are played, personal data is sent.

We have no influence over this data transfer.

If you are logged in to your YouTube account, this data is added to your account. If you don’t want this data to be added to your YouTube account, you have to log out before playing the video.

For more information on the use of your data by YouTube, please refer to the Google Privacy Policy. YouTube and Google are certified EU-US-Privacy-Shield.

b. Google Maps

This website uses Google Maps, provided by Google Inc.

To use Google Maps, your IP address must be saved. This information is sent to Google in the US. SEW USOCOME has no influence over this data transfer. If you are logged in to your Google account, this data is associated with your account. If you don’t want this data to be added to your Google account, you have to log out first.

7. Social media

SEW USOCOME has a presence on various social media platforms. To enable you to access these platforms directly, we have included links on our website. By clicking on these links, you leave the SEW USOCOME website and submit to the social media platform’s privacy policy.

Below is the list of social media platforms on which SEW USOCOME has a presence.

All of these social media platforms are certified EU-US-Privacy-Shield.

III. Information relating to the personal data protection of SEW USOCOME prospects and customers

1. Scope of data processing

a. Contract performance

SEW USOCOME processes your data as part of your inquiries or existing contractual relationships. In addition to your contact details, this comprises all information that is exchanged, such as e-mails, orders, product information requests and payment details.

If you place orders with us, you must provide the personal data that is necessary for the preparation or performance of the contracts, in compliance with the legal requirements we must meet. Without this data, we cannot fulfill your contracts.

SEW USOCOME processes the data provided during order placement for use in fulfillment of the contract. If necessary, SEW USOCOME may employ specialized service providers for this purpose. Processing of the data for the purpose of contract fulfillment comprises using the data to render the service stipulated by the contract, including rendering of services defined in service agreements or handling of any warranty claims.

Data collected by SEW USOCOME regarding the purchase of our products or use of our services may also be passed on to the external auditors and/or tax consultants of SEW USOCOME for advising and auditing purposes, and/or to government agencies.

SEW USOCOME saves the data it collects in its IT system. This data is saved for as long as necessary for contract performance, warranty claims or other uses set forth in this policy. This data is then subjected to the applicable legal data retention obligations. After these retention periods, the data is deleted.

b. Verification of address and credit

When a contracting party requests a payment extension, SEW USOCOME may use the services of information and risk management companies in order to verify its customers’ address and credit rating, including data that was calculated using statistical and mathematical methods (scoring).

This data is deleted after the expiration of the legal data retention period.

c. Use of data for marketing purposes by SEW USOCOME

For marketing purposes, SEW USOCOME and authorized service providers, such as printers, direct mail advertisers, etc., may use your name and address in ongoing business relationships and prospecting operations, as well as the data which is obtained in the course of the business relationship (contact details, products purchased, services ordered, etc.).

SEW USOCOME provides further information on the products and services of the SEW-EURODRIVE Group and carries out analysis for marketing purposes. Data obtained by SEW USOCOME with your consent can also be analyzed for marketing purposes. Through this marketing process, we would like to inform you of the current development of products and services, in order to build a lasting business relationship.

SEW USOCOME uses your e-mail address for advertising purposes, provided that you have consented or you can be presumed to have consented, for example, in the course of an existing business relationship or after contact has been made for the first time. Of course, your right to erasure applies to this type of marketing. The right to erasure for marketing purposes is described separately.

To achieve the goals associated with this marketing usage, we process your data over the service lives of our products and as long as you remain a customer. Exceptions are made if you consent to a longer period of usage and/or if the data is subject to legal requirements for data retention. In the latter case, the data is deleted after the retention period has elapsed. The processing period may be shorter if you exercise your right to object, of which we inform you in Section V “Your rights as a data subject”.

d. Processing of personal data due to legal obligations

SEW USOCOME, like every other company in Europe, is subject to various legal obligations to verify the data of our customers and business partners. In such cases, we process your personal data only to the extent necessary to comply with these legal requirements. To fulfill these legal obligations, it may be necessary to process your data in a partially automated manner, in order to evaluate personal aspects (profiling). Unless you are expressly notified, automated decision-making is conducted on a case-by-case basis.

These legal requirements relate to, in particular:

  • Prevention of fraud and money laundering
  • Tax auditing and reporting requirements
  • Evaluation and management of risks in the Group
  • Sanctions lists.

2. Dissemination of data within the SEW-EURODRIVE Group

SEW USOCOME may pass on your personal identification data (company name, contact person, address and contact details such as telephone number and e-mail address) to other companies within the SEW-EURODRIVE Group and possibly update it in order to ensure that all companies within the SEW-EURODRIVE Group involved with you in a transaction, e.g. fulfilling a contract, have the same updated personal data. This data sharing procedure is intended to simplify our processes and may help you avoid having to provide your personal data again when contacting another company within the SEW-EURODRIVE Group.

In addition to this basic data, order data may be passed on to other companies within the SEW-EURODRIVE Group if necessary for your order to be processed.

If your company is based outside of France, a SEW-EURODRIVE affiliate will be responsible for assisting you and for processing your contracts or inquires. If you wish to receive business proposals or additional information about SEW-EURODRIVE and our products, your personal information (in particular, your name, contact details, company and the products in which you are interested) must be transferred to the SEW-EURODRIVE company that is responsible for your company’s headquarters. That company will use your personal data unless you object.

Therefore, your basic data may also be processed by SEW­EURODRIVE companies located outside of the European Union or the European Economic Area. With companies associated with the SEW-EURODRIVE Group located outside of the European Union, SEW USOCOME has made contractual commitments; these contractual commitments comprise the standard contractual clauses established by the European Commission. You can find an overview of the companies belonging to the Group here. Personal data processed as described above is subject to the same erasure rules as those described earlier.

Personal data processed as described above is subject to the same erasure rules as those described earlier.

IV. Information relating to the personal data protection of SEW USOCOME job applicants

If you apply for a job at SEW USOCOME, the principles for the processing of personal data as described below shall apply. After hiring you, we will inform you about the specific processing of your personal data.

1. Data processing

We process the data you have provided in the context of your application for the purposes of checking your application and verifying suitability for the advertised position. We store your data exclusively in our own data center in Germany.

If you have given prior consent during the application process, we will check during the hiring process if, based on your qualifications, you are a candidate for positions other than the one you applied for.

In order to check your application, we may involve specialized service providers. Suitable applications for a position are forwarded by SEW USOCOME’s Human Resources Department to the corresponding department or subsidiary for further evaluation.

To properly assess your application, we need your CV, degrees or corresponding documentation. Further information, including a photo, is optional. If this personal data is not provided, we will not be able to assess your application.

If you have indicated that you do not want to be included in our pool of applicants, we will delete your application data six months after completing the hiring process, i.e. after the position has been filled (see Section 3 "Saving your application in our talent pool" below).

If you are under 18, we need your legal representative’s consent to conclude the contract. The personal data you submit when applying will be saved for a longer period of time, e.g. for a student internship at a later point in time, only with your consent and the consent of your legal representative.

2. Talent pool of the SEW-EURODRIVE Group

We save your job application data in our talent pool, which can be accessed by the HR personnel of SEW USOCOME in France and SEW-EURODRIVE in Germany.

This enables us to compare your profile with other open positions and to inform you when they may interest you. Inclusion in this talent pool may be particularly useful if you have applied for a similar position in another company of the SEW-EURODRIVE Group, or if you live in a border region. You may object to this sharing of personal data at any time, without affecting the assessment of your pending application. Furthermore, you have the right to erasure of your personal data in accordance with the procedure described in Section V “Your rights as a data subject” below.

3. Saving your application in our talent pool

Even if your application is unsuccessful, we offer to save it in our talent pool. For this purpose, simply check the corresponding box on the application form when you submit your application. This enables us to notify you later, if a suitable position becomes available.

You may at any time request to have your personal data deleted from our talent pool. In that case, your application will not be considered for future positions.

V. Your rights as a data subject

As a data subject, you have various rights that you can exercise by contacting the data controller using the contact details indicated in the introduction (DPO):

  • Right of access
  • Right to rectification
  • Right to erasure
  • Right to restriction of processing
  • Right to data portability
  • Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

At any time and without providing a reason, you can object to the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes, including customer data analysis or dissemination to third parties for marketing purposes.

Every data subject is also entitled to a general right to object (see Article 21 of the GDPR).

VI. Data security and storage time

1. Security

Personal data is processed using appropriate technical and organizational measures (integrity and privacy) in order to guarantee adequate security, including protection against unauthorized or illicit processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage.

Our data (including your personal data) is stored exclusively at the data center of the parent company of the SEW-EURODRIVE Group, located in Germany.

On our website, we take technical and organizational security measures to prevent access by third parties to the personal data we collect, to protect it from loss and misuse and to enable secure data transfer.

However, please be advised that, due to the structure of the internet, unauthorized data access by third parties may occur despite implementation of our security measures. Therefore, it is also your responsibility to encrypt your data and/or protect it adequately against misuse. If you have not implemented any suitable protection measures, data that is transmitted without encryption, including by e-mail, may also be read by third parties.

2. Storage

According to Article 5 of the GDPR, personal data is stored for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data is processed. Personal data may be stored for longer periods insofar as the personal data will be processed solely for statistical purposes in accordance with Article 89 of the GDPR, subject to implementation of the appropriate technical and organizational measures required by this Regulation in order to safeguard the rights and freedoms of the data subject (storage limitation).