EMS basic - For simple transportation tasks

Our EMS basic electrified monorail system with half-wave control offers the right solution for simple transportation tasks with an individual axis. Vehicle control and communication are based on half-wave signals.

Choose reliable half-wave signal technology for electrified monorail systems

EMS basic – Electrified monorail system with half-wave control for simple transportation tasks
EMC basic in application
EMC basic in application

By separating the track into segments it is possible to travel and stop at different speeds.

The control signals are based on positive and negative half-waves or full-waves. Electrified monorail systems equipped with this type of control carry out simple transportation tasks such as transporting goods from A to B or the intermediate storage of goods.

All vehicles in a segment behave in the same way according to the control signal applied. Accumulation is usually realized by means of buffering sensors, such as optical sensors or anti-collision proximity switches. Additional segments or blocks are possible in the systems: safety block, separation block, curve block, etc.

Communication to and from the vehicle is based on half-wave signals.

With our simple MOVIVISION® plant software, you can parameterize all vehicle functions without any knowledge of programming. This considerably reduces your startup times.

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Your benefits

  • Proven technology

    This solution has a well-known name and has been successfully proving itself in practical applications all over the world for years
  • Simple control principle

    By sending half-wave signals to the control, the magnetic switches, as well as the initiators
  • Fast installation

    Thanks to the MOVIVISION® pre-fabricated parameter function
  • Established half-wave technology

    can be retrofitted in existing systems

System features

  • Drive components from our proven modular concept
  • Conductor rails for energy transfer
  • Decentralized EMS basic vehicle controller
  • Function parametrization with parameterizable MOVIVISION® plant software

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