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Spare Parts Service

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Spare Parts Service

Since providing spare parts is always a speedy business, more than 95% of all orders leave our Drive Technology Centers, Drive Centers and Service Competence Centers the same day. You can rest assured that the spare part and the documentation you need will arrive on time and you can get your machine or system back up and running.

Whether you contact us personally or use our Online Support: You will always receive the best and fastest service for the spare parts or even entire repair and conversion kits you need.

Using our Online Support allows you to conveniently choose and order the spare parts you need at any time. Just enter the serial number on the nameplate of the SEW-EURODRIVE component and you will find all the information you need. From a comprehensive overview of all spare parts, complete assemblies and availability to substitutes for spare parts from previous portfolios.

To get your system up and running quickly, we offer:

  • Delivery of spare parts from our current product portfolio
  • Delivery of spare parts from our earlier product portfolio, if available
  • Technical documentation
  • Consulting, e.g. on retrofits
  • Special/complete spare part sets
  • International delivery from our central, European spare parts warehouse
  • Individual parts identified as requested
  • Convenient spare parts searching and ordering directly through Online Support: Select spare part
  • And much more

Your benefits

  • Technical expertise

    Straight from the manufacturer – from consulting to identifying the right spare part, to documentation.
  • Personal response

    Thanks to our broad service network – also near you.
  • Tailored solutions

    As part of specific products, such as repair and conversion kits, complete assemblies and documentation.
  • Immediate delivery

    Thanks to the consistently high availability of genuine SEW-EURODRIVE parts.

Kits de réparation pour freins BE

Kits de réparation pour freins BE30
Kit de service frein BE30
Kits de réparation pour freins BE30
Kits de réparation pour freins BE30

Vous souhaitez effectuer vous-mêmes les réparations sur les freins de la série BE ; à ces fins, nous vous proposons les kits de réparation pour freins BE. Ces kits sont déclinés en neuf exécutions pour les tailles BE05 à BE30 montés sur les moteurs DR.. .

Le kit de réparation contient toutes les pièces nécessaires pour le type de frein concerné et permet ainsi de réaliser remise en état et révision préventives.

Les différents composants sont rangés dans un carton 100 % recyclable et accompagnés d'une notice en version papier et en version informatisée sur CD. Les instructions sont sauvegardées sur le CD dans les langues les plus courantes.

Un kit de réparation – neuf exécutions – disponibles pour 10 tailles de moteur

Close table
Designation brake and reparation kit For motor size Reference number
BE05A / BE1A DR.71 17904005
BE05B / BE1B / BE1C DR.80 and D.R90 17904013
BE2 DR.80, DR.90 and DR.100 17904021
BE5A DR.90 and DR.100 17904048
BE5B DR.112 and DR.132 17904056
BE11A DR.112 and DR.132 17904064
BE11B DR.160 17904072
BE20 DR.160 and DR.180 17904080
BE30 DR.180, DR.200 and DR.225 17904099
  1. By clicking on the reference number, you can send us a price request or an order.
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