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Training – comprehensive and practical

Stay at the top of your sector in terms of drive expertise. And take advantage the multifaceted range of training options available at DriveAcademy®, your training institute at SEW-EURODRIVE

Keep your knowledge of drive technology and automation up to date and always have a direct line to the latest state of the art. Qualification is and remains a crucial component in successfully getting ahead of the competition. Development periods are getting shorter and shorter, especially in technical fields, making continuous learning an increasingly important factor in future success.

As one of the leading specialists in drive technology and drive automation, we offer our customers extensive and multifaceted practical product training. This allows us to create the ideal general conditions for you to practically work with modern drive technology. The latest learning methods, multifunctional training models and a fully equipped environment ensure the most learning possible. A targeted orientation on the customer also ensures you high learning efficiency. See for yourself what our extensive range of training programs has to offer.

This is what makes training at SEW-EURODRIVE stand out:

  • Latest methods for better learning
  • Customer orientation for greater training efficiency
  • Practicality through the use of multifunctional training models

Your benefits

  • Learn practically

    Because our seasoned trainers focus closely on real-life use and offer numerous exercises on training models.
  • Become familiar with the latest technology

    With regular training at SEW-EURODRIVE to always give you a direct line to state-of-the-art drive technology.
  • Optimize system utilization

    With the expertise you have gained that helps you plan and use your drive technology more efficiently.
  • Reduce costs

    With our targeted training with which you can plan your systems more efficiently and minimize downtime.

Drive technology training

Audience-oriented training

Product training – tailored perfectly to you

Our product training staff are your national and international contacts for learning how to properly work with the latest drive products and solutions.

Both our customers and our staff can gain the necessary, thorough insight into standard drives, decentralized technology, servo technology, drive electronics and automation.

Our services include customer seminars for those

  • In maintenance
  • In startup
  • In configuration
  • In assembly
  • In service

Our DriveAcademy® training sites

Courses in our SEW training centers

Thanks to our trainings, you are perfectly prepared to use SEW tools. In addition to theoretical contents, we offer a wide variety of practical exercises.
Those trainings take place in our own training centres, which are near your office.

Our training centres are perfect places to learn more.

  • You will use training models which correspond to the chosen training module.
  • Practical exercises can be realized in optimal conditions.
  • The participants are trained to be able to perform their daily tasks and deal with issues
  • The participants feel freer when they are out of their work environment.
  • Experimental training templates are available so that you can clarify all the questions

We constantly optimize and extend our training templates

Wherever you need us, worldwide

Our DriveAcademy® is also there for you worldwide. We work closely with the many SEW-EURODRIVE branches abroad and have built a network of trainers to offer a high standard of training all over the world. This allows us to encourage and create successful learning for our customers at all locations.

Our DriveAcademy® seminars

Practical training made by SEW-EURODRIVE

We have made it our job to offer you more than just first-class drives and state-of-the-art control electronics. First-class and end-to-end services are also a matter of course for us. This includes our practical seminars that are fully tailored to your needs. Over our many years of training experience, we have developed standard training courses to meet the qualification requirements of any audience. We offer these training courses several times a year at various locations.

Custom or catalog

You can find an overview of our training in the current seminar brochures or in our online seminar catalog. If you can't find the seminar you're looking for, or if you have a specific date in mind, Contact us . We can then structure a seminar together to suit your needs.

Our training templates

Our training templates are constantly optimized and we regularly develop new templates.
Those templates are then available for the trainees during the courses.

A training by SEW-USOCOME means a practice-oriented training

Those training templates offer various possibilities: you can test the connection to the fieldbus system, plan the communication with inverters or simply train to manipulate and commission different products.
They are also recommended to learn how to use a keypad or the control software MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio.

Thanks to our training templates, all participants can gain a high level of expertise in control engineering.

Important tasks such as commissioning, data saving, setting up, inverter behaviour in case of failure can be easily simulated in our templates.

The bases of the driving technology can be shown with practical examples, from speed regulation to positioning, and monitored with the free operating software MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio.

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