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Your benefits

Exploit flexibility
because our safetyDRIVE components can be individually assembled for every type of system

Minimize operational risks
by eliminating all sources of danger with the safetyDRIVE functional safety

Drive efficiency
because the safetyDRIVE safety components save you costs for external safety systems

Ensure standardized operation
because all safetyDRIVE modules comply with the applicable statutory provisions

safetyDRIVE - drive electronics in control cabinets

Functional safety contributes to personnel safety as well as to the higher productivity of systems and machines. This is why we invest in flexible solutions with safetyDRIVE. All of our drive and frequency inverters provide the function that safely switches off the electrical power to the motor (STO). The MOVISAFE® components complete the portfolio – integrated into the inverter as option cards DFS..B or DCS..B or modular as safety monitors UCS..B. The options support all of the key motion functions such as safe limited speed (SLS), safe direction of rotation (SDI), safe operating stop (SOS) and position-dependent functions such as safely limited increment (SLI) and safety limit position (SLP). The safety functions can be implemented independently or controlled with safe fieldbuses such as PROFIsafe. This enables control cabinet drive technology safety concepts to be easily implemented. See for yourself!

MOVISAFE®: Modular safety in inverters
  • Option cards MOVISAFE® DCS..B for the drive inverter MOVIDRIVE®
  • Safety modules MOVISAFE® UCS..B for all control cabinet inverters MOVIAXIS®, MOVITRAC®, MOVIDRIVE®
  • Multi-axis UCS..B logic modules as integrated logic processing for freely connected inputs/outputs
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safetyDRIVE - decentralized drive electronics

Our decentralized drive controllers MOVIFIT® and MOVIPRO® with integrated safety functions are available for use in decentralized installations They cover all the key safe movement functions.

Safety technology for decentralized installation
  • Decentralized drive control MOVIFIT®-MC and MOVIFIT®-FC with integrated safety technology S11 or S12
  • Decentralized installations with decentralized MOVIPRO®-SDC drive, positioning or application controller and MOVIPRO®-ADC with integrated safety technology S11
Modular safety service packages

We offer certified safety components and relevant characteristic safety values according to EN ISO 13849-1 in the form of data sheets and a SISTEMA library. This allows for the seamless validation of safety functions, complemented by our modular and flexible safety service package.

In collaboration with TÜV, we have successfully mapped all the phases of the safety life cycle. In addition to the components for functional safety, project planning, validation of safety functions and startup are part of our safety services for the Machinery Directive. These are supplemented by supporting advice by our certified employees with extensive experience in CE conformity procedures and risk assessment.

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