MOVIMOT® standard inverter

For field operation: MOVIMOT®, the digital frequency inverter with a power range of 0.37 to 4.0 kW. Flexible application thanks to IP54 degree of protection, also optionally available in IP55, IP65 or IP66.

Standard inverter directly mounted on the motor or for mounting close to the motor

MOVIMOT® standard inverters
MOVIMOT® standard inverters
MOVIMOT® standard inverters

Standard inverters for direct mounting on the motor. Thanks to our modular concept, the MOVIMOT® D series can be combined as standard with our DR.. series AC motors with different levels of efficiency.

Mounting close to the motor is also possible. There are different diagnostics options available. A 3 color LED signalizes operating and fault states. The inverter is equipped with a diagnostic interface, an RS-485 serial interface and much more. Our frequency inverter is flexibly available with a connection voltage of 200 V to 240 V or 380 V to 500 V.

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