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Save time and cut costs
because you no longer have to search for suitable gear unit oil

by using approved lubricants that have undergone thorough testing

Protect your investment
a high level of resistance to aging reduces wear and increases the service life

Fewer failures
through protection from leaks and wearing down of wear parts

Greater productivity
thanks to a service life that is up to 50% longer

Simple logistics
thanks to the long shelf life of up to six years

Always the correct lubricant for your application

We now have more than 90 years of experience in developing and constructing gear units and numerous customer applications, resulting in vast tribological expertise. Based on this and the results of long-term testing, we have developed a special formulation for our premium gear unit lubricants: GearOil by SEW-EURODRIVE, GearFluid by SEW-EURODRIVE and Grease by SEW-EURODRIVE – the perfect protection for your valuable SEW-EURODRIVE gear unit.

By using high-quality base materials and additives and appropriate logistics, we can ensure you always receive the highest level of quality.

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GearOil by SEW-EURODRIVE increases the performance of SEW EURODRIVE gear units – be they standard, servo or industrial. It reduces friction between the gear wheels as it develops an outstanding lubrication film that increases the service life of the lubricant itself as well as that of wear parts such as sealing rings and bearings. The high damage load stage of the GearOil by SEW-EURODRIVE Base mineral lubricant (damage load stage 14) improves protection from fretting on the gearing. At the same time, GearOil by SEW-EURODRIVE increases the efficiency of the gear unit and protects it from corrosion and damaging oil foaming. The self-cleaning properties of the lubricants prevent deposits as they bind water and dirt particles.

GearOil by SEW-EURODRIVE is now available as a CLP mineral gear unit oil and as synthetic lubricant based on CLP PG (poly glykol) and CLP HC (polyalphaolefins) in various viscosity classes. Also available now are special lubricants with H1 certification for the food-processing industry.

Potential uses

You can use GearOil by SEW-EURODRIVE either for the initial fill of your gear unit or in canisters or barrels as a packaging unit for use in service or maintenance work. The premium gear unit oil is available in the following packaging unit sizes and has a shelf life of up to six years:

  • Canisters (1, 5 and 20 liters)
  • Barrels (205 liters)
  • IBC containers (1000 Liter)

GearFluid has now been included in our portfolio of premium lubricants, adding a gear unit lubricant to our high-caliber range that is the first CO2-reduced gear unit lubricant on the market to be made from sustainable biomass. It was developed to reduce the consumption of crude oil and thereby make a valuable contribution to protecting our climate. Among other things, biological waste and leftover food, which do not take up additional agricultural-grade land to produce, are processed into a high-quality base oil in an elaborate synthesis. The manufacturing process for the base oil of our GearFluid Poly 220 E1 uses a certified mass balance approach and does not involve the consumption of any fossil raw materials, which reduces its CO2 footprint by 84% compared with conventional polyglycol lubricants. GearFluid therefore helps you to reduce your corporate carbon footprint. Despite being significantly more climate-friendly than conventional oils, you will not experience any loss of quality whatsoever. Like all the oils in our product range, GearFluid also fulfills our stringent quality requirements and has been tested in accordance with SEW test specifications no. 07 004 03 13. The performance capability of the new GearFluid Poly 220 corresponds to that of the GearOil Poly 220 E1 that is already available on the market. Maximum wear protection for the gearing and the rolling bearings reduces the risk of failures. The premium lubricant's low friction coefficients increase gear unit efficiency.

GearFluid by SEW-EURODRIVE is rapidly biodegradable in accordance with OECD 301B, and can therefore also be used as a lubricant in environmentally sensitive areas. In comparison to conventional bio oils, GearFluid can extend the lubricant change interval by a factor of 3.

GearFluid Poly 220 E1 is available for many standard gear units and gearmotors, and also servo gear units and gearmotors. Order our new more environmentally-friendlier premium lubricant at the time of purchase for your first fill. We supply this lubricant in 20-liter canisters for service and maintenance purposes.

Grease by SEW-EURODRIVE is made using perfectly coordinated product components that are tailored to the requirements of your SEW EURODRIVE gear units and motors, so you can be sure of the best possible protection for your drive and the best possible performance in your application.

Comprehensive testing has demonstrated the potential of our Grease by SEW-EURODRIVE when it comes to performance. Among other things, meeting the high demands of SEW EURODRIVE also ensures compatibility with the oil seal materials used. In addition to this, we have carried out extensive compatibility testing with our approved lubricating oils. When developing GearOil by SEW-EURODRIVE and Grease by SEW-EURODRIVE, we also took the opportunity to perfectly coordinate the two lubricants. The resulting lubrication system delivers excellent gear unit efficiency and optimum performance at all operating points.

Our impressive Grease by SEW-EURODRIVE benefits from the careful selection of product components, combining a calcium sulfonate-based thickener with a semi-synthetic base oil. An optimized additive package provides the finishing touch. Grease by SEW-EURODRIVE is a high-performance product with exceptional thermal and mechanical stability for all friction points (bearings and seals) subject to high stresses in the gear unit and motor seals. This minimizes the wear on sealing rings and reduces the risk of premature bearing failure.

NLGI class 2 was selected as the consistency class, as this represents the ideal compromise between low losses in the bearing system and good adhesion to the key gear unit and motor components. This consistency class also ensures easy handling during assembly and relubrication.

Grease by SEW-EURODRIVE is intended for use in all kinds of gear unit bearings, and for lubricating oil seals in the gear unit and motor. It is also available in an NSF H1 version that is approved for use in the food and feed industries.

By combining high-quality base materials and additives with appropriate logistics, we can ensure you always benefit from the highest level of quality.

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Refer to our lubricant tables to find the gear unit oil that is perfectly suitable for your drive and complies with the specific requirements of your application:

Gear unit typeDateDocument numberGermanEnglish
Standard gear units27.02.2024 01 751 28 04
Industrial gear units18.07.2023 47 049 14 05