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Your benefits

Benefit from energy-saving potential
High system efficiency ensures that up to 50% less energy is used compared to conventional drive systems.

Fewer variants
Thanks to the speed setting range with constant continuous torque and high overload torque, one variant can be used for multiple tasks.

Optimal for use in environments with special requirements
Because the drive was designed especially for harsh conditions with a hygienic version and the optional wet area package.

Simple system configuration
Because the various performance classes offer coordinated, verified combinations of drives and frequency inverters.

Reduced startup costs
Because the system allows startup either directly on the frequency inverter with two parameters, or using MotionStudio®.

MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive system DRC.. electronic motor
An efficient solution for central installations

Our solution with MGF..-DSM and MOVITRAC® LTP-B extends many of the advantages of our MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive system to central installations.

To this end, we combine the MGF..-DSM gearmotor with the MOVITRAC® LTP-B control cabinet inverter and a CCU configurable application controller or a fieldbus gateway. All the components of this system are specially coordinated, highly efficient to handle and operate, and completely embedded in the SEW‑EURODRIVE software tools.

This system's features make it ideal for use in item, packaging unit and container transport systems in the food and beverage industry. It is very popular in retrofitting projects with a focus on energy efficiency, but is also used in new installations that require central control cabinet installation for the frequency inverter.

New member added to mechatronics product family

The new size 1 MGF..-DSM drive unit completes our product portfolio with high overall system efficiency for centralized installations in the lower power range. Ideal for use in conveyor applications that require low torques from 10 to 100 Nm.

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  • MGF..1-DSM-C
  • MGF..2-DSM
  • MGF..4-DSM
  • MGF..4/XT-DSM
Recommended combinations
  • MOVITRAC® LTP-B 0.75 kW (400 V) + MGF..1-DSM drive unit
  • MOVITRAC® LTP-B 1.5 kW (400 V) + MGF..2-DSM drive unit
  • MOVITRAC® LTP-B 2.2 kW (400 V) + MGF..4-DSM drive unit
  • MOVITRAC® LTP-B 4.0 kW (400 V) + MGF..4/XT-DSM drive unit
  • MGFA..-DSM with hollow shaft and key
  • MGFT..-DSM with TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting system

The CCU and the MOVITRAC® LTP-B frequency inverter in the standard version are used for central control cabinet installations. However, the harsh environment in the food and beverage industry has special requirements for the gearmotor installed in the field.

Design for wet areas

For specific requirements in wet area applications, we offer the MGF..-DSM drive unit with the special wet area package.

This package also provides the features required for use in areas with high levels of mechanical and chemical resistance or cleaning agents:

  • Degree of protection IP66
  • HP200 coating with an almost non-porous surface provides excellent anti-stick properties as well as chemical and mechanical resistance
  • All external screws, breather valves, pressure compensation fittings and output shafts are made of stainless steel

Even the standard version of the drive conforms to hygienic design guidelines, and its specific features ensure that it is suitable for use in clean rooms:

  • Certified for use in clean rooms with air cleanliness class 2 in accordance with ISO 14644-1
  • Completely enclosed, smooth overall design
  • No fan, thus no air, dirt, or particle swirls
MGF..-DSM in combination with MOVITRAC® LTP-B

The following figure shows the installation topology for the system consisting of the MGF..-DSM drive unit in combination with MOVITRAC® LTP-B on a CCU configurable application controller or a fieldbus gateway.

Thanks to the flexible options for combination with a Configurable Control Unit (CCU) or an SEW gateway, this system's interfaces and functions are identical to those of decentralized solutions.

You can use the MGF..-DSM drive unit with MOVITRAC® LTP-B in combination with the Configurable Control Unit (CCU) in all transport applications for products and containers in the food and beverage industry.

This system offers a major advantage: You can maintain the same installation topology and control configuration when replacing old gearmotors in retrofitting projects. With this solution, we offer system designers who implement both central and decentralized installation concepts the opportunity to always use the same mechanical components and connection dimensions in order to minimize integration work.