Sustainable procurement charter

By initiating a sustainable procurement process, SEW USOCOME wishes to respond to the environmental, societal and ethical issues that have become essential in our society.

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In the wake of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO 45001 certifications as well as the Alsace Excellence label, the company is committed through this charter to a responsible purchasing approach. On 3 June 2022, SEW USOCOME signed the supplier relations & sustainable procurement charter RFAR (Relation Fournisseurs & Achats Responsables).

The supplier relations & sustainable procurement charter RFAR, conceived in 2010 and carried out by the company mediator (attached to the french ministry of the economy) and the Conseil National des Achats (CNA) (national purchasing board), encourages companies and public bodies to adopt responsible practices vis-à-vis their suppliers by building a collaborative and partnership-based relationship within a framework of mutual trust.

It is also in that spirit that SEW USOCOME created its own charter dedicated to a sustainable procurement approach to highlight the commitments made.

For this approach to be successful, it must involve a strong commitment of SEW USOCOME, as well as openness and exchange with our suppliers. This requires, among other things, a better understanding of the perceptions and expectations of each actor and respect for the precepts set out in the supplier relations & sustainable procurement charter. In this context, SEW USOCOME is committed to implementing a purchasing policy in line with its strategic principles and to ask its suppliers to exercise the same vigilance.

Signature of the charter

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On 3 June 2022, SEW USOCOME signed the supplier relations & sustainable procurement charter led by the company mediator and the Conseil National des Achats (CNA) (national purchasing board). The respect of the 10 commitments of this charter reflects our desire to maintain lasting and stable relationships with our suppliers.

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Pierre PelouzetCompany mediator (photo: Bercy)

"SEW USOCOME becomes a signatory to the supplier relations & sustainable procurement charter and I am pleased about it.

This approach shows the daily involvement and the commitment will of the economic bodies in order to build a stable relationship with their suppliers.

More generally, this signature represents the entry point in the national sustainable procurement process we are carrying out with the Conseil National des Achats and which leads to the gaining of a state-recognized label.

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Michel LitzelmannPurchasing and Supplier Quality Manager at SEW USOCOME

"Sustainable procurement represents a new strategic axis in SEW USOCOME's purchasing policy.

This voluntary approach reflects our ambition to guarantee healthy and lasting relationships with our suppliers, while having the most positive environmental, social and economic impact possible throughout the value chain of our products."

SEW USOCOME is committed to meeting the environmental, social and ethical issues that have become essential in our society. Find out more about our sustainable procurement charter.

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In order to attest to our willingness to reconcile and resolve any disagreements, SEW USOCOME has appointed a supplier relations mediator.

This impartial and confidential contact can be used if no favorable solution to a conflict is found with the local buyer and its management.


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