• Everyday sustainability in the company


    At SEW-EURODRIVE, acting with sustainability in mind is part of our corporate strategy.

  • Sustainability for a better environment


    We are serious about environmental protection - in terms of both our production and our products

  • Sustainability through energy efficiency

    Energy efficiency

    Sustainability as service: Good advice saves our customers energy and cost.

  • Sustainability through responsible use of resources

    Resource efficiency

    Refit, Return, Reuse, Recycle: the four "R's" of recovery and our main focus for the future

  • Sustainability in utilizing our employees


    Return on investment through sustainable promotion: It is our employees who push us forward

  • Sustainable commitment to society


    Global projects and our own foundations are the driving force of our sustainable commitment.

Sustainability at SEW-EURODRIVE – committed and focused on the future

For a forward-looking company like SEW-EURODRIVE, sustainable action with vision is a special charge and challenge. This is why sustainability is more to us than just a trendy buzzword. It applies not just ecologically, but economically and socially.

We are aware that much of what we as a company have achieved so far in terms of sustainability can only be considered a step in the right direction. This is why we our efforts at working sustainably are always part of an ongoing process that requires continuous improvement and expansion.

This is what makes sustainability a central tenet of our corporate culture. A corporate culture that is part of everyday life at all of our locations and with which we set clear examples for others. A corporate culture that builds on fairness in our cooperation with all of our employees, partners and suppliers.

It is vital to us that our employees be invested in all plans and projects and implement them consistently. This shows how firmly the concept of sustainability is anchored in our company's culture.

European instructions WEEE

Online catalog for the SEW-EURODRIVE Sustainability Report 2022

With our sustainability report for the fiscal years 2012 and 2013, we would like to offer all of our partners the opportunity to gain an in-depth view of our activities in relation to this important topic.


Just browse through and find out how sustainability is an active part of everyday life at SEW-EURODRIVE:

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Evaluation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Download our Evaluation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions of the year 2013



Application of european RoHS directive (2002/95/CE) and WEEE (2002/96/CE) in SEW-EURODRIVE

Sustainability report 2016/2017

Sustainability report 2016/2017

You can also download our current Sustainability Report 2022.