22/09/2023 • SEW USOCOME, world leader in drive and automation systems, launches the coating-free ECO2 design for its drives, a sustainable solution for industry aimed at preserving resources, reducing costs and helping to protect the environment.

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The company sets itself clear sustainability objectives and wishes to harmonize its industrial manufacturing processes and end products with global climate objectives.

Products and components are often coated, not only for technical reasons, such as resistance to chemicals in certain industries such as the food industry, but also to identify the machines. However, SEW USOCOME wants to go further by encouraging its customers to choose an alternative to coatings, when this is not technically necessary.

These coating-free aluminium gearmotors offer a series of considerable advantages.

To order these drive units from SEW-EURODRIVE, simply select the "ECO2" option during the ordering process. This option will be available for a selection of helical, helical-bevel and SPIROPLAN® gear units in certain sizes, fitted with aluminium housings.

SEW USOCOME continues to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development. This environmental breakthrough offers significant benefits for the environment, while reinforcing its position as a leader in drive and automation solutions.

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