Your career with SEW USOCOME

  • Your career with SEW-USOCOME

We are a subsidiary of the German group SEW-EURODRIVE, a family-owned company and recognized world leader in drive solutions. Firmly farsighted, SEW USOCOME positions itself as a major player and advocate in the industry of the future. We believe in a human and connected approach to business, which is why we believe that each individual makes the difference. If you share a passion for motion and innovation, as do our 2.300 existing employees, join us today and help us build the solutions of tomorrow.

A creative and innovative business culture


SEW-USOCOME boasts a strong corporate culture: Perfambiance®. Launched in 1989, Perfambiance® is a unifying vision, based on a set of values, principles and behaviors.

The company’s most precious asset is its ten core values, shared across the SEW-EURODRIVE Group and the reason for our growth. They embody the philosophy of our family business and are also the key to our long-term success.

The five principles of our Perfambiance® project shape our daily activities. They express our desire to be a forward-looking company that delivers efficient service to our customers, nurtures our employees and respects the environment.

The positive atmosphere is the result of our dedication to creating such an atmosphere and making sure that it thrives. Every day, our attitude – informed by commitment, respect and team spirit – allows each and every one of us to help improve the quality of our work life and industrial performance.

Our five Perfambiance principles

  • A supportive, human company that is clean and respectful of the environment
  • A company that listens to its customers and is ready to serve them
  • An inclusive company that values learning
  • A communicative company with vision
  • A successful and innovative company

What we expect of our employees

Interpersonal skills are fundamental to SEW USOCOME. To that end, we ensure that each of our employees is ready – or P.R.E.T., as we say in French (prêt).

  • Positive attitude

    I act reasonably, in good faith, with good intentions and a good spirit.
  • Engagement

    I am engaged in my work with full commitment, I take responsibility for it and I improve my performance.
  • Teamwork

    I prioritize the interests of the company through a spirit of cooperation.
  • Respect

    I respect each individual, company standards and the environment.

Five reasons to join us

There are many good reasons to place your trust in SEW USOCOME. Here are five concepts behind our success that we hope will convince you to join us.

  • A satisfying work life

    Our workplace is an environment that fosters safety, health and well-being.
  • The company’s human approach

    We seek to build expertise, motivation and a sense of belonging throughout our company.
  • Stimulating jobs

    We promote the autonomy, responsibility and participation of each employee as part of our philosophy of continuous improvement.
  • A progressive career path

    We support the professional growth of our employees throughout the course of their career.
  • A sustainable company

    We aim to generate a reasonable profit in order to safeguard jobs and foster innovation.

Recruitment process

Our recruitment process is based on an ethic step linked to our code of conduct . Here are some principles we ensure.

  • All candidates are interviewed by at least two persons : one operational manager and one HR recruiter (except for trainees).
  • No hiring cannot be a counterpart of an advantage for the company.
  • Hiring a close of a customer or a provider cannot be a part of a counterpart.

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